4 of the 5 Most Active Grocery Retailers are PopStats Customers

Here’s why.

4 of the 5 Most Active Grocery Retailers are PopStats Customers

Here’s why.

“Click and Carry” (pickup) is fueling e-commerce for grocery retailers across the nation. This new trend isn’t showing any sign of slowing down, but the fight for the perfect store location is still being fought. 

BuildCentral recently released an article listing 2021’s Top 5 Most Active  Grocery Retailers in America. It dives into the topic that regardless of the digital age, grocery stores are still ramping up construction of their brick and mortar stores.

Out of the 5 grocers listed in the article, 4 trust STI: PopStats™ to power their market strategy and site-location decisions.  These top grocers use PopStats because it is the most up-to-date and accurate geospatial dataset on the market.  

This article will dive into the different reasons why they choose PopStats and other Synergos datasets again and again.

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“By applying variables from PopStats, like income, age, and ethnicity, to our analysis, we can do that, even at lower geographic levels — and with extreme confidence.”
“…with PopStats we’ve found that the data stays consistent and the error rate stays small. This is important to us because the more accurate the data is, the better informed our decisions are.”

Here at Synergos Technologies, we work under a policy we call, “ACT.” 

  • A – Accuracy
  • C – Comprehensive
  • T – Timely

Everything we create and do must fall under these three pillars. They help us to create quality products and services that maintain our status as industry leaders. Let’s dive into how our full data suite falls into these pillars. 


Many PopStats customers use our datasets due to their accuracy and dependability. Those attributes come from proven methodologies that allow you to make confident decisions. 

There are many different ways are able to check data quality and ensure accuracy in every release. One way is through a “Q&A” process. This is a robust process that involves testing the final product with proprietary procedures before we release the product. We are also constantly creating maps and graphs to see if we can catch any data discrepancies (we like to post our most interesting discoveries online).

Another way we prove the effectiveness of our methodologies is by comparing our estimates to Census and ACS numbers. Our Accuracy whitepaper shows the numbers and how close our population estimates were to the 2010 census.  PopStats counted 99.998% of the United States population. Fast forward 10 years to the 2020 census and PopStats counts 99.993% of the population. That’s 20+ years of exceptional accuracy that our competitors aren’t able to achieve.

Out of anyone else in the industry and our competitors. Our estimates were the closest to the Census results. We were even closer than the Census’s own preliminary estimate.


Comprehensive to us means that we have so many unique, accurate, and updated variables, that you will be able to extensively understand your site-selection research. A few unique variables we create are religion, discretionary income, and economic variables like GDP and mortgage risk. PopStats has the largest selection of fields in a single demographic product (over a thousand), and we update it quarterly.

Moving along, every variable in our datasets is backed by trusted and official sources. Most use more than one source! Some sources that our datasets use are:

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We then use proprietary mathematic models to shape the data into estimates. All of these steps create robust datasets that can be used to effectively make decisions beyond site location like what items to stock on the shelves or what kind of advertising would be effective in an area. The opportunities are endless.


Uniquely, in the realm of demographic estimates, PopStats is the first and only dataset to be released quarterly. No other data provider can duplicate that process a the level of accuracy we do it at. The struggle with that is on-time releases. Synergos Technologies is proud to say that of our 25+ years in business we have never been late on a PopStats delivery. We understand our customers are working diligently to find the best sites for their new store locations. That’s why we also work diligently to make sure they have the tools they require when they need them.

Another factor in our reliability is our industry-leading customer service. Being able to pick up the phone and talk to a person immediately is a thing of the past for most businesses. Not with us. We always have someone at the phone ready to answer questions immediately during business hours. Additionally, we have created multiple points of access to our customer service like email and our new website chatbox. Our excellent system allows us to be proud to say that all customer inquiries are answered within a day of contact, and often within the hour. 

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