16th Annual PopStats Research Conference – April 12th-14th

Save the date!!!


The PopStats conference is back and we’ve locked in dates for April 12th-14th

Registration will open in January 2023.


We will be holding the conference in the heart of downtown Austin. 

The Stephen F Austin Royal Sonesta Hotel

701 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701


TBD – Speakers will be announced in mid February

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“If I can only attend one conference a year, it will be the STI: PopStats Research Conference.”

Many past attendees of the annual Research Conference have made some version of this statement – citing peer networking, in-depth product methodology discussions, best-practice case histories, forward-thinking theoretical discussions, and more as their justification. While we appreciate their positive feedback, this year’s attendees might need more specific facts to help justify the cost of attending this event – especially in today’s more frugal economic climate. Your company may want to know specifically what will be gained from the investment.

We’ve compiled the following list of benefits and values that you will bring back to your organization as payback for the investment of attending the STI: PopStats Research Conference.

  1. ROI justification – You will gain practical research knowledge that will improve decision-making, and save time and money. The Conference’s two-and-a-half days are packed with over one dozen sessions designed to provide knowledge, tactics, and techniques that you can take back to the office and immediately use to improve research processes and enhance results. There is no other research event that offers so much practical, innovative, and business-focused information in so concentrated of a timeframe. If you learn even one tip for improving your research techniques and boosting productivity, it could result in significant savings of time and money – as well as improvements in market research and decision-making.
  2. Industry insight justification – Few people can put a price on the value of interacting with industry peers. The PopStats Research Conference is designed to facilitate and enhance peer-to-peer discussions in several ways, including two morning breakfasts, two daily snack breaks, two group lunches, and the conference networking reception and customer appreciation dinner on the first night. These regular breaks in the sessions provide the perfect casual forum for engaging in meaningful one-on-one conversations where you can glean new ideas, make valuable connections, and stay current on your industry.
  3. Educational justification – The PopStats Conference’s sessions are focused purely on research education and professional development – not on selling – unlike other conferences, which often feel like ongoing infomercials. The event’s educational tracks feature best-in-class speakers and share valuable knowledge about innovative technologies and processes in five topic areas:
    • Research – Practical research case studies.
    • Theoretical – Forward-thinking research theory.
    • Methodology – In-depth discussions of how STI data products work.
    • Technique – How-to discussions, from mathematical to practical.
    • Management – Insights to boost productivity.
  4. Education value justification – The PopStats Research Conference is priced significantly lower than the majority of industry conferences. Our goal is not to make a profit on the event, but to ensure that our clients and partners are able to attend today’s leading event dedicated 100 percent to advancing market research. An equivalent amount of research education would be worth thousands of dollars elsewhere. All meals except for dinner on the second night are included in the Conference fee (the conference has become as well known for its exceptional food as it is for its exceptional industry knowledge sharing).

We are proud to report that many past attendees consider the PopStats Research Conference a major, must-attend, annual industry event. We hope this year will be no exception. And we hope that our brief overview of the conference’s benefits and values will help you justify the investment to your company. Please let us know if we can provide you with any other information.

**Disclaimer – We will no longer be providing a buy 3 get 1 free registration option due to attendee limits we are putting on this year’s conference.